You need to enter Australia for tourism, business or visiting relatives but are not sure what your documents include? Do you need advice on visa requirements to Australia? Please contact the reputable South Asia visa consulting and support service  to receive support for a successful Australian visa application at the most affordable service fee!

Coming to South Asia Travel’s  visa service to Australia  , you will be guided in filling out complex declarations and detailed instructions on the types of documents that need to be prepared, without having to go directly to the Embassy or Consulate General. Australian consulate to submit your application. Besides, the mask will also save a lot of time for administrative procedures such as notarization and translation.

1. Types of visas to Australia

Vietnamese citizens who come to Australia for a short term will usually be granted an Australian visa 600 (Subclass 600). This type of visa is issued for the following purposes:

  • Australian Tourist Visa
  • Australian Business Visa
  • Visit visa to Australia

Based on the number of entries, Australian 600 visas are divided into 3 types:

  • Tourist visa: Issued for short-term purposes (travel, business, family visits) excluding work.
  • Business Visitor visa: For commercial purposes: Business; Negotiate and sign contracts; Participate in seminars, conferences,…
  • Sponsored Family Stream: Issued to applicants who have relatives/friends who are Australian citizens or permanent residents in Australia and this person agrees to sponsor you.

    2. Instructions on procedures for applying for an Australian visa

A visa application to Australia normally has 4 categories of documents, including: Proof of finances, proof of work, proof of identity and trip schedule. To increase the passing rate, you need to prepare all required documents.

2.1 Application for Australian tourist visa

No Application for Australian tourist visa
Form to apply for an Australian tourist visa according to the latest form from the Embassy.
2 ID photos, size 4x6cm, white background. ID photo taken within 6 months and taken clearly.
Original official passport and copy. Passport must have a minimum validity of 6 months.
Notarized copy of all pages of household registration book, including blank pages.
Original ID card and 1 locally notarized copy.
1 personal curriculum vitae certified by the locality of residence.
Confirm marital status (married, divorced) authenticated by local authorities (photocopy of marriage certificate if there is a spouse).
Proof of work: 

  • If you are a business owner: Copy of business license and tax payment confirmation for the most recent 3 months.
  • For employees: labor contract (or position appointment letter), salary statement of the most recent 3 months and a leave application to travel to Australia signed and stamped by the company’s head.
Financial proof: 

  • Bank savings book statement sent for at least 3 months, account balance of about 5,000 USD.
  • Add relevant documents such as real estate, securities, and car documents (if any).
Detailed travel itinerary in Australia (where to go, what to do, when).
Confirm round-trip air tickets to Australia and book hotel rooms in Australia.

2.2 Application for Australian work visa

To apply for  an Australian work visa , in addition to preparing documents as instructed in the table above, you need to supplement documents from your partner in Australia:

  • Invitation letter from the partner in Australia, clearly stating the invitee, position, working position, etc. with signature.
  • Copy of partner’s business license in Australia
  • Decision to send to Australia on a business trip from a Vietnamese agency/enterprise.
  • Documents proving the commercial relationship between Vietnamese and Australian companies through commercial contracts, emails, conference documents, goods documents, etc.

2.3 Application for Australian visit visa

To prepare  your visa application to visit relatives in Australia , you need to provide the documents as instructed in the table above, and also add the following documents:

  • Invitation letter from a relative in Australia (in the letter clearly state the reason for the invitation, time, relationship between the two parties and have the inviting signature of the inviter)
  • Photocopy of passport with visa to stay in Australia if the inviter is an international student, short-term resident, etc. in Australia
  • Certificate of citizenship or nationality if the inviter is an Australian citizen
  • Documents proving the inviter’s occupation and finances (bank account statement, confirmation of residence, business registration if self-employed, 3-month salary slip if a salaried employee) .

3. How long does it take to get a visa to Australia?

  • Australian visa approval time depends largely on the applicant’s application situation. Therefore, in order for your visa application to be approved soon, you need to prepare good documents.
  • Normally, an Australian visa will be approved within 15 – 21 days (except holidays). In addition, you can pay an additional fee to get an urgent Australian visa quickly.

4. Service fee for visa application to Australia

Type of Australian visa Working time Reference price Note
Tourist visa 15 – 21 days Visa service fees for Australia may change depending on time.
Business visa
Visa to visit relatives

5. Professional Australian visa service process from South Asia Tourism

  • Step 1: Receive request for Australian visa application service.
  • Step 2: Sign the service contract, receive documents and necessary documents
  • Step 3: Support with application procedures:
    – Help customers fill out the visa application form (form 1419)
    – Support translation and notarization of documents.
    – Support for proof of work, proof of finances, and trip scheduling.
    – Help you write letters of explanation, improve visa approval rate
  • Step 4: Make and schedule an appointment to submit your Australian visa application
  • Step 5: Track your application, notify you of application results and receive your visa for you


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