I.  What types of Canadian visas are there?

Depending on the duration, Canadian visas are divided into two types: single and multiple. Depending on the purpose of entry, visas to Canada are divided into the following common types:

  • Tourist visa
  • Business visa
  • Visa to visit relatives
  • Student visa
  • Immigrant visa
II. Procedures for applying for a Canadian visa

The procedure for applying for a Canadian visa  is quite complicated, so to prepare the application well the first time, applicants need to remember the following documents.

1.  Application for a Canadian tourist visa .
TT Canadian visa application documents
first Proof of identity: 

  • Visa application form.
  • 2 photos 3.5×4.5cm with white background, taken no more than 3 months ago, face clearly visible, no glasses required.
  • Copy of original passport with at least 6 months validity and must have blank pages for visa stamping
  • Certificate of marital status certified by local authorities.
  • Notarized copy of household registration, curriculum vitae, ID card/ID card photocopy of both sides.
2 Proof of profession: 

  • Subjects are employees: Bank transaction statements for the most recent 3 months, 3-month payroll, labor contract and leave to Canada certified by the business.
  • For business owners: Business registration certificate and tax payment report for the last 3 months.
  • Subjects are retired people: Retirement decision, pension book certified by the locality.
  • Subjects are students: Student card, student card with school leave permit or study confirmation signed by the principal.
3 Demonstrate financial: 

  • Minimum savings book of 5,000 USD (must be deposited for at least 3 months), most recent 3 months salary slip.
  • Additional documents for real estate, stocks, real estate, cars (if any), etc.
4 The trip’s schedule: 

  • Create an information sheet detailing your previous travel history, which countries have you been to, how long have you stayed, and what is the purpose of your visit?
  • Schedule information in Canada, attractions planned to visit, arrival time, return time.
  • Confirm   round-  trip air tickets to Canada and book hotel rooms in Canada
2.  Application for Canadian visit visa

In the process of applying for  a Canadian visit visa , the first important step is to prepare a complete set of documents according to the requirements as instructed in the table above, in addition, you need to add:

· Invitation letter to Canada to visit relatives, original: Letter clearly stating the purpose of invitation, information of the inviter, invited person, information of the person paying for the trip,…

· Copy of passport if the inviter is a Canadian citizen, submit a copy of Canadian residence card.

· If a relative in Canada is responsible for paying for the trip, they need to provide financial proof.

· Guarantee letter from the inviting person in Canada.

· Documents proving the relationship between the inviter and the invitee: household registration book, birth certificate, marriage certificate, letters, email exchanges, photos taken together,…

· Documents showing financial, social, family, and country ties that force you to return to your country after the end of your visit to relatives in Canada.

3.  Canadian visa approval time

Processing time for  Canadian visa  applications will range from 14 to 21 days. As for a 10-year visa, the processing time is 1 month. In special cases, the time for returning visa results will be longer. To avoid risks, it is best to prepare complete visa application documents from the beginning and submit your application early (about 2 months before your trip). If you need to apply for a visa urgently, you can contact the visa service center for advice and support.

4.  How much is the visa service fee to Canada?
Canadian visa type Working time Reference price Note
Tourist visa About 02 months 330 USD The price of visa services to Canada may vary depending on the time of the consulate.
Business visa
Visa to visit relatives
5.  Difficulties when applying for a visa to Canada yourself

· Finances are not strong enough, do not have many assets and savings

· Young and single, low income or unable to prove finances

· I’ve had my visa rejected many times, gone to many services and still can’t get it resolved

· Difficulty in applying for a Canadian visa for the whole family or applying for a visa for children and the elderly

III. Strengths of South Asia Travel’s Canadian visa service

· Improve and process documents quickly and professionally

· Support in making appointments and submitting documents

· Practice interview fluency and confidence

· Responsible, enthusiastic and effective to the end

· Consulting and customer support 24/7

Coming to South Asia Travel, you will receive support with visa issues from AZ. We guarantee you will be more satisfied than you expected.

IV. South Asia Travel’s Canadian visa service process

· Step 1: Receive request for Canadian visa application service

· Step 2: Sign the service contract, receive documents and necessary documents

· Step 3: Support for application procedures:

      • Help customers fill out visa application forms
      • Support for translation and notarization of documents.
      • Support for proof of work, proof of finances, and trip scheduling
      • Help you write letters of explanation and open letters.

· Step 4: Make and schedule an appointment to submit your Canadian visa application

· Step 5: Consulting and rehearsing interview answers for customers.

· Step 6: Track documents, notify application results and receive visas for customers.

Above are some experiences so you can better understand applying for a CANADA Visa. Hopefully with the CANADA Visa interview, these “unwritten” rules will be of great help to make you more confident and more convenient for interview preparation. Wishing you luck and success in your first interview.

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